Triennial education for FMT therapists

The FMT programme is triennial (part-time) and and extents 90 academic points. For admission, basic musical knowledge and basic skills in piano is demanded.

The programme covers a theoretical base containing

  • development theory
  • learning theory
  • handicap- and social knowledge
  • neurology
  • music psychology

Practical methodology, and practice including

  • methodology / observation technique
  • musical craft / practical exercise
  • practical music therapy / supervision
  • literature and reports
  • seminars/ examination


After passed examination, a study programme certificate and a diploma are obtained, which gives professional qualifications and justifies the title diplomaed music therapist.

The programme is approved by the music university's organisation, which means that it is considered a university programme with conventional entrance requirements and furthermore academic points.

Intake takes place 2 years of 3, with 10-15 students in each course.

Triennial education (part-time) for FMT therapists is available at

671 91 Arvika

FMT education is also available in Jakobstad and Helsinki, Finland and Yrkesutbildning FMT-metoden Sverige AB.




Triennial education for FMT therapists