Description of the FMT method

Functionally oriented music therapy is an individual method of treatment in which roughly 30 musical codes are used to stimulate the body’s natural development.
FMT is at the same time an analysis tool for the assessment of the personal functional capacity.

The FMT method is built on the idea of creating a space; a space, structured senso-motor treatment in a safe, secure and joyful form, without demands of evaluation or performance.

The own activity and the own initiative, which are the bases for all personal development, are stimulated in the musical interplay between the therapist and the client.

This activity is enticed by the specially composed music-codes, which are adapted to the client’s actual level of development.

lasse hjelm
Lasse Hjelm

The FMT session creates opportunities for structured perceptual- and motor treatment which influences the natural development of motor-, perceptual-, cognitive- and emotional functions based upon the client’s functional level.

This makes the method useful to all ages and has showed success in treatment of a very wide spectrum of difficulties or disabilities like reading-/writing difficulties, concentration disorders, psychic problems, motor disorders, DAMP/ADHD, paralyses etc.



Functionally oriented
Music Therapy

Description of
the FMT method


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