The FMT method was developed by Lasse Hjelm during his fifteen-year engagement at Folke Bernadottehemmet, a rehabilitation-centre in Uppsala, Sweden (1975-89):

Photo: Karsten Steiner
Photo: Karsten Steiner
"The task was to find a way of working which didn’t signify »playing for« but »playing with«".

"The development of a method was possible by taking part in the tremendous knowledge, existing at Folke Bernadottehemmet, Bernadottehemmet” and by having the opportunity of devoting myself full-time into this development work."

The method was developed from work with grave handicaps (mostly CP) into a, gradually, very broad-base.

1987: Musikterapiinstitutet (The institute of music therapy) in Uppsala was founded with the developed FMT method as a base.

1987: The first part-time, triennial FMT programme in music therapy started at Musikterapiinstitutet.

1988: The course-material was approved by the organization at Ingesund’s music university and the programme was introduced also there.

Today FMT education is available at Ingesund’s music university and in Jakobstad and Helsinki, Finland.



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