Music as a therapeutic tool

Music has in all social systems throughout history performed the functions of an essential part in a joint cultural base.

Music has been used in all known civilizations, in ritual, ceremonious and artistic contexts, as recreation and entertainment, for propaganda purposes and, not least, in curative and healing purposes.

The awareness and knowledge, that music has an influence upon the human being in many ways and that music can offer a healing effect, has existed as far back in history as written sources can be found.

Theories about how and why music has such a strong influence in us varies from time to time, but has interested every epoch and civilization. Music has Music has therefore, in different ways through history, been used as a healing force to cure or influence a variety of illness.

The conception of music therapy is today used in a variety of situations. There is, unfortunately, a huge indistinctness in what the conception means exactly. Music therapy is, quite careless, used as a conception for the use of music in such separated areas as; common music-activity in care and social welfare, remedial teaching, psychodynamic directions, different types of specialized methods for listening and in the FMT method.

It is now conventional to draw a line between different kinds of music-practising where the music and the practice in itself are the main goal, and music-therapy where the music is used as an instrument to reach different kinds of treatment-effects..


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Music as
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